Sorob Raissi

Game Designer

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About Me

I've worked as a web designer for engineers, a digital artist in the Serious Games industry, head motion capture technician;

And now I've been running a small indie game company for just over 2 years wearing multiple hats. I love creating 3d models and textures for environments, but gameplay and network programming have always interested me.

I enjoy playing fighting games the most followed closely by 1st person shooters. I'll play console or PC, doesn't matter, if it's fun I'll play it.

I love games, I've been wanting to make them since before I was born.


Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy

2008 - 2009

Master of Science

University of Central Florida

2004 - 2008

Bachelor of Arts


Space Jammers (Desktop Game)

A cooperative 1-4 player rogue-ish, shmup. Play an alien rock band of kitten pirates lost in space. Fly starfighters, board space ships and loot locals to fund your music tour.

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FlameyBird (Mobile, Web Game)

Play as a bird with a flaming tail you can swap out for tails that grant you new abilities. I wrote the code and did the pixel art. The game features your standard store as well as several distinct levels and randomly generated enemy patterns.

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