Super Fruit Jumper

This game was made in a week for a friend’s birthday. It runs on any html5 capable browser (Firefox, Chrome), as well as PC and Mac. It’s a simple platformer based off Vlambeer’s “Super Crate Box”. This was my first time programming a platforming game and comes complete with a score counter, tutorial, music and sound fx. This taught me different types of collision detection, simple AI behavior and path-finding, double jumping, creating 8-bit like sound effects as well as sprite graphics, and most importantly, finishing a game on a tight deadline (learned to cut features!).
This game uses keyboard only.

Click this link to play it now!

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Another game I developed in my spare time. You’re a prehistoric bird that’s trying to escape the end of the world. So it’s up to you and your flamey tail to escape. This game is currently up on the Apple App Store with a release on Google Play/Amazon store to follow shortly. It’s a free game supported by ads, but they don’t get in the way much.

You can download for IOS here.

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